Launch!! Gay erotica division

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new gay erotica books and the launch of our first title, Inside Santa’s sack by David Mayers. David is an experienced writer and chubby guy who has joined us to start to build a new division dedicated to gay specialist fiction.

Inside Santa’s sack tells the story of Josh, a twenty six year old chub who faces the prospect of spending Christmas alone. Without the money to join his friends, without a job and without a man, it’s looking like a bum Christmas. Until fate takes a hand that is. And who knows what or who will end up in santa’s sack? Continue reading

Will this grief ever end?

For all of us, at some time in our lives, we will lose someone dear to us and we expect to feel sad and to go through the rigors of grieving, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

When I lost my father recently it felt as if a dark cloud had settled over the family that we couldn’t shift. My father had been ill for a while and so while his passing was sad, it was inevitable and in the sense of lessening his pain, it was welcome. What none of us expected was how hard his passing would hit us. Continue reading

Choosing music for a funeral

When a friend recently asked me if I could help putting together a funeral for her recently deceased father, I was naturally only too happy to help.

Her father, a solicitor, had loved classical music for most of his life and she knew that many of his friends shared his passion. He was not a somber man, but she wanted something that would have enough dignity, but would appeal to the huge congregation that was likely to attend. Her father was very well known in the district and of course she was anxious that his service should be fitting and memorable. Continue reading

What will you lose apart from the weight?

Losing weight sounds like a simple equation – less energy in, more energy out. So why is not easy?

If like Carly James you refuse to accept that all prospective dieters or long-term overweighters are weak-willed, pathetic things that do nothing but sit around all day eating, you have to wonder why some people despite their best efforts continue to remain fat. Are they just not smart enough? Continue reading

New Kindle Paperwhite

Check out the new reader from Amazon. Kindle Paperwhite is easier to read, cleaner to see and gets over that need to put the light on to read when it’s not quite dark. We love it.  Available now from Amazon.

Just the thing to read your favorite WriteMeet books on!

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Losing Weight the smart way

 By Carly James (Author)

Kindle Price: $2.99

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Product Description

Why is that with all the best intentions, with all the initial drive and grit, diets often falter? Why do people yo-yo and how you make your diet stick?

This book will help you to see why diets fail and as a result how to succeed. Carly James prized herself on being a normal person, average intelligence, not particularly weak-willed, but when it came to dieting she was an expert. Almost as much an expert of putting it on again. In sheer desperation, she decided to stand back and work out the reasons why.

She asked a lot of questions of herself and the experts who knew to find out some simple, glaring truths that she now shares in the book. Offering a common-sense view of the process, helpful hints and exercises she explains how to prepare to diet and how to make it less stressful to do. She knew that if she worked out why and how she cheated, she’d be better armed to succeed.

In this clear guide, she shares that thinking with you and encourages you to do the same, giving you a structure and ideas that will help your diet succeed and help you transform your life.